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Monday, September 28, 2009

Monday midday

I cannot let this day go any further without updating, because I left a lot of people in the dark all day! Paul ran to the RMH to wash off the hospital stink and try to get us into the House on campus of the hospital rather than the one a couple miles away.

Gabriella lost 250cc's of feeds early this morning so they stopped her food for a while. She woke up to doctors and rounds at about 630a, but was not ready for the day yet. Regardless, we had to start.

Being Monday, a lot of things were scheduled and we got rolling quickly. Speech therapy came in to do swallow and food evaluations. She got to eat some applesauce, drink some apple juice and eat a cracker. She didn't do as well with the cracker, because moving it around with her tongue was difficult. The applesauce was perfect consistency for her. The juice went well, and she even drank through a straw, but had a few difficult times swallowing. They are going to do a Barium Swallow test today at 3pm to make sure she is able to swallow in full. I'm hoping we can get this Ng tube out soon and her her on some foods by mouth. I firmly feel that will help strengthen her mouth when she is forced to use it. A great sign was afterwards, she had cracker stuck in her teeth and when I went to brush it out, she opened SUPER wide! It was controlled too, because she did it twice for me. Praise God for little mountains and changes.

We went down right after for a CT scan. The Hematologist just came in to tell me that there was no signs of bleeding at the stroke site and only the slightest of swelling. I asked her the risks of it developing at this point, and she said it normally develops in the first 72 hours, which we are at now! PRAISE God for no additional complications.

When we got back, she was exhausted. She threw up again, and we got her changed and snuggled into bed. Shes been asleep since then, and is recharging her little body. Physical Therapy is coming by at 130p, so with a combination of that and the swallow test, she should be a pretty tired girl this evening.

Please note if you come to visit that the RSV rules are in effect and children under 12 are not allowed, along with anyone with any cooties. If she is sleeping, we do let her rest, but this beautiful hospital has some excellent waiting areas.
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