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Saturday, September 26, 2009

A picture of my sweet girl

I am attempting my first mobile picture upload on this blog. I hope it works. It was a highlight of our day.

Though she is immobile on the right, her left side is also weak and slow, but when she had some strength she showed it. She reached for her Rosetta barbie doll and held her. We pointed at her dress, hair, wings and tights.

We painted her toe nails tonight too, which she enjoyed though she couldn't express it.

She started 5cc every hour of NG tube feedings (nasal tube) and we will slowly increase that. Otherwise, she is sleeping soundly and tonight has been calm.

I want to thank everyone from the bottom of our hearts for the prayers and love. We have had amazing people surround us long distance and up close. We are beyond blessed and she will be given fuel to fight by seeing those that she loves around her.


Strawberry said...

Keep Fighting Gabriella! You are on my mind all day long.

Teresa said...

My dear Kristi, you are an amazing mother! And what a joy you must feel to be there with your Princess. I wish I could help you carry the load. If there's anything I can donfor you, PLEASE send me a text message, email, facebook, ANYTHING! Otherwise, I KNOW, without a shadow of doubt, that our Lord is able to carry the load for you. May His grace be with you. Praying for you and your family. The Hillises.

The Simmons Family said...

We continue to pray! I can't tell you how much we want to see Gabriella's brain function restored to it's full ability, for her to get her perfect heart and for all the pain to go away. I love that you painted her toes!! Keep us posted on anything new.

Just a little TIP from my PICU experience (which is too much) at PCH.. Always speak up! Don't be afraid to ask the nurses and the doctors, on multiple occassions, "what is the plan?!" I found myself sitting around with no idea what was going on, day after day, afraid to step on the feet of the medical professionals. Boy have I learned my lesson.:)

Thinking of you all!

Karebear said...

Gabriella is so beautiful, such a princess. Please know you are in our thoughts and prayers every momment of every second. I have never prayed so hard. Gabriella is strong and a fighter, know she will get through this! God is watching over his angel. We love you so very much! God bless


Heather said...

Praying for your sweet beautiful princess. The Lord works in His own perfect way. I am trusting that perfection and believing for your daughter's health and recovery.

Heather Hilton
Austin, TX

Anonymous said...

I just found your blog. I have tagged your site on my favorites sites. I've got a few heart babies I keep in contact and pray daily. You've now been added to my list. My thoughts and prayers go out to you and your family, especially Gabriella. She's such a cutie. God will continue to send those earthly angels to help and protect you.

Mommy said...

As a Mom and a Grandmother I know how difficult a time this is for you to be seeing your baby so sick. But know many, many people are praying hard for her recovery.
From our family to yours, we are sending tons of get well prayers !

She is the first person I think of when I wake up and all day long.
Joyce Hall (Amy Shepherd's Mom)

Suzy said...

Continued prayers, Kristi. She's so beautiful. I'm glad she had a good night.

Tasha said...

Hello beautiful Princess! Look at you holding your Rosetta barbie doll! Keep it up! Good job!

To Mommy - I agree with Owen's mama...always ask what the plan is! I, too, have learned that it is vital for me to feel like I know what is going on so I can assist in any way. When Bree was in the hospital for failure to thrive, I would write her weight up on the dry erase board to have a visual reminder for our goal. Even having Gabriella hold her doll will help to wake up her brain because it is having her brain work more than it would be if she was laying there...stay strong all of you! You are doing marvelous given the situation! ((HUG))

Mary Ellen said...

Continued prayers for healing. You're in our thoughts ((hugs))

Unknown said...

Bernadette (Ireland)
Thank you for your update on Gabriella, and for the photo of your beautiful little daughter - how very sad it is to see her so ill. Please be assured of my thougts and prayers for her and for all of your family at this time.
God be with you

Jessica of Chandler said...

Vega Family
I personally do not know Paul other then a email or two from work and the other day I had rode up in the elevator with him, I think our conversation consisted of Good Morning, How are you, and have a good day as we went our seprate ways. As I was walking to my desk I wonder how someone who is going through so much with there little girl could still be smiling on the outside. I wish there was magically words to say that could easy the worry the uuknown or the pain that you may feel today. I can honestly say this from the bottom of my heat the Vega family will be in my prays and thoughts. I know from recent experience that when something happens to such a young family member or person, Its so hard to understand why. ( that may not come for a long time a understanding ) I can speak from recent experience when my cousins daughter was recently diagnosed with luekemia, She be came very ill and was in the hospitial more often then not, Seeing a child have to go through battling something or fighting an illness is something I wish no parent or family would have to go through. AGAIN YOU ARE ALL IN MY THOUGHTS AND PRAYERS. MY GOD BLESS YOUR FAMILY THOUGH THIS DIFFICULT TIME........... Sincerely Jessica

Leeann said...

Just wanted to let you know that I am constatly praying for Gabriella and the rest of the family.

Unknown said...

Paul, Kristi, PJ and of course the Princess we are all pulling for you! The fundraiser rummage sale had a great turn out yesterday and we are really looking forward to next Saturday's fundraiser! We have almost finished the quilt, and are getting a really great response from the media blitz our aviation community is putting out! We know without a doubt she will need her jet ride to California and we will be ready for her call. Only our best thougths and prayers are being sent your way throughout the day, and we cannot wait to hear her say "but I do not want to leave my plane"! Many blessings!!! YOU GO GABRIELLA!!! Show us all what you can do! Take care of yourselves and please let us know of anything else we can do.

Love -
The Jet TEAM Family & Friends!!!

Emily said...

So many prayers coming from our family and everyone we know...we are spreading the word for Gabriella! You are all so fortunate to know the power of prayer at this difficult time, your strength is very inspiring!

Mandy said...

Praying so hard for Gabriella and the rest of your family. You all are constantly on my mind in my heart.