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Saturday, September 26, 2009

Saturday 5pm update

I wish I had better news for today, but not much has happened. Gabriella got morphine for pain at 830am and we have lost the entire day to morphine side effects, which I regret. She is angry and uncomfortable, understandably. She still has no speech and no right arm movement.

We assisted her to the bedside commode once today. I was able to give her a sponge bath and the nurse change her bed sheets. Her right leg strength is a bit better, so I'm praying that's a beginning.

There are so many conflicts as to when to do what tests or start what therapies. Tonight, with her aspirin in her NG tube, she will start feedings in small amounts. I'm hoping it gives her energy and stamina. They are contemplating when to do another MRI and see any changes in the clot. Ill post when they decide.

One miraculous thing I want to mention is speech. The location of her clot is directly on her speech area of the brain. Until puberty, children have the ability to relocate and reassign where the brains speech ability is located. Fortunately, she has the possibility of her speech returning because of how the brain performs this amazing change.

I cannot even begin to express how badly I want to hear her voice again.
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