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Saturday, September 26, 2009

Saturday 5am update

Gabriella has slept most of the night.

I laid down by her and we fell asleep a little past 11p. She woke up for a bit at 1a and started choking on her saliva and threw up. She fell back asleep but went through the same again at about 330a. The second time I was by her again and had the suction handy. She started to get extremely lethargic and was not nodding her head when we asked her things.

Since her swallow is weak, and we are still unsure if she is swallowing all of her saliva, they decided to put in an NG tube to drain her belly as it accumulates bile, and give her zofran to relieve the nausea. This will prevent her from puking it up and possibly aspirating it. She perked up a bit after the zofran kicked in. She doesn't want me to sleep by her now so I am curled up at the foot of her bed.

I am anxious to see what Saturday holds for my princess. Our prayers have been constant all night, as have so many of yours. We are extremely grateful.

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