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Friday, September 25, 2009

Recap of today

I am sitting at the end of my princess's hospital bed and wanted to cry out for prayer. Tonight feels like such a critical time. We are watching her vitals closely, hoping things stay stable. I can't help but feel God will take that clot in her brain and gently diffuse it, and give new life to the damaged areas that have been without blood flow.

This morning at 930a I gave Gabriella breakfast. Shortly after, she was on the ground, not able to speak and unable to get up. I immediately called 911 and the cops and paramedics arrived quickly. PJ was scared for his sissy, and the paramedics started working on her. I informed them of her heart history and requested they bring her to Phoenix Childrens. They got her out of the house quickly and to the Air Evac, while I waited for my mother in law to come get PJ. When she arrived, I sent PJ with my father in law and we drove to the hospital. I managed to alert Loma Linda while rushing to Phoenix.

They did some vitals and an emergency MRI, which took longer than the 40 minutes they estimated. When we got to her PICU room, a huge team of doctors and nurses were at her room, trying to figure out the best possible treatment. The doctor told us to sit so we could talk, which is sign #1 its bad news. We were told she had a stroke and the damaged area was pretty large. This was more than likely originating from the stagnant and poor bloodflow in her heart, and the blood thickened and shot to her brain. At first, they planned to send her out to Barrows Neuro Institute but got word they couldn't perform the TPA infusion they had hoped because of the severity of the thrombosis (clot). They put in an arterial line into her hand for blood draws and to better monitor her blood pressure. They also put in a groin catheter. They will treat her with aspirin daily to thin the blood.

As the day went on, she had tiny improvements. It started off with very minimal response- tiny nods and weakness all over. No movement on her right side, no talking, and weakened left side movement. By tonight, she had given us the most gorgeous half smile grins, nodded yes and no for our million questions and is showing some left side strength. She still isn't speaking at all and her right arm movement doesn't exist. But as the aspirin works, and the clot dissolves, we have a better chance of regaining these lost abilities. We will start speech therapy monday, given the weekend goes well.

If the aspirin therapy doesn't work, we will face other treatments. They are watching for swelling around the damaged area and keeping a close look at her heart. The last treatment we want to consider right now is surgery, so we will cling to the prayer of healing.

God, heal my baby. Shatter the clot with your insurmountable power. Give the deprived areas of her brain the miracle of life and function that only you can provide. Let her sweet voice be heard by everyone she encounters, and her hand hold mine on its own. Let her change the way people think about life, or their children. We have full faith in You and Your love for her. Amen.

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