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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

The way Jesus wants us to be...

We are in the process of thinning our life of tangible posessions. We are selling most of our furniture and excess items. We are keeping the kids beds and toys, our mattress and some kitchen items, along with emotionally linked items like pictures and a few collectibles. We have been using CraigsList as a main source for getting rid of most of the larger items.

Last night, we sold our dishwasher. When I laid down in bed afterwards and thought about the events that took place, I kept thinking about how what happened in our driveway was how God wants to see His children interact and contribute to eachother. This isn't a new thought. I have been involved in so many scenarios in these past 4 months that I look at and can see God smiling at his children.

A man, wife and adorable little girl knocked on our door in response to our ad. We showed them the dishwasher and went over the details of it all. Of course, we got to talking about Gabriella and her heart, and the journey we are facing. We talked a little about faith, the church they attend and the kids. The wife told me that Wednesday she was available and would help me price items for my garage sale this weekend. A perfect 'stranger' offering her valuable time to help another person overwhelmed with life. I was completely shocked and grateful, as this has been happening so often to us. (Thank you to everyone, if I haven't thanked you!) How many people that you have known for 5 minutes offer to help with one of the worst tasks ever? She has a sweet soul, and is not afraid to show it.

The part that made my heart fill and recharged my energy to keep going with this moving and purging process was when the husband asked if he could pray for us. In my driveway, after 9pm, in the headlights of my car and with a garage of our life for sale behind us, he prayed over our family. It made me think of how brave it is for some people to ask if you can pray for them, yet he so easily asked and said the most perfect prayer. I am grateful for his obedience to God and his compassion for our family. Between people we know and strangers alike, we have yet to feel alone. God is good.

Two morals from last night. First, God strategically places people in perfect places to give us support when we are feeling weak- which is the same way he will provide a heart for my Gabriella. Second, not everyone from CraigsList is creepy.

Thank you J and K. You have become a very important member of a large group of people who has bleddes this part of our lives.

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Megan@SortaCrunchy said...

How beautiful. I'm over here quietly crying at God's amazing provision in the midst of pain. Blessings on J&K. Thank you for sharing this, Kristi.