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Monday, October 5, 2009

A much delayed update: Day 11

Excuse this entry if it seems all over the place. I've been writing it, interrupted, for hours.

Today was day 11 in the hospital. It feels like both time has stood still to things in the real world and lasted forever inside these walls. It becomes harder everyday our family is broken apart, and even worse when my babies communicate through the glass window of the lobby.

Therapy is going amazing, mostly. We have a firm schedule set up for therapy, meals and naps. It limits our ability for visitors to 4p to 8p weekdays and anytime on weekends, but we are here to get better and get out so we will sacrifice free time for work. Daddy went back to work today so Gabriella and I are sticking to a firm routine to pass the days.

Gabriellas physical therapy is almost unnecessary, she is walking so well. They are working on her arm now to help with occupational therapy- which is also doing great! She has great range in her arm and her strength is increasing daily. We are working on elbow and wrist motion, and zoning in on controlled movements.

Speech is another issue. The combination of her apraxia and aphasia is so severe, the learning process is much slower. I can see how and starting to accept that regaining her vocalization will take a long time. It astonishes me really. How God gave me such a verbal, opinionated, sassy girl and now took her voice. He never let's me down- constantly giving me pieces to this big picture only he can see.

Some good speech things, on top of Gabriella saying the words 'more' and 'mom', is she is humming songs (we have been singing to her and she's catching on) and she unintentionally says some things like 'no', 'one' and 'watch'. Its subconscious because she can't do it again, but nonetheless happening. Its a sweet sound.

We found out today that our insurance only covers 60 days of outpatient therapy. And on that, we have to pay $25 for each session. Its going to take a lot longer than 60 days to get her talking again. So we are starting to pray God gives us means to get extended therapy.

We had movie night last Friday which was super fun. They turn the surgical waiting area to a mini theater and served popcorn and juice. We took dinner down there and watched the movie with some cousins and aunts. <3 and today we had a chance to meet Mike Leach with the AZ Cardinals, though Gabriella ignored him. We do lots of painting in the free times and walking the halls between classes. I get so stir crazy in our 10 by 6 foot half room so I keep her busy.

We have been so blessed by so many people through this. I can't even begin to pay back the blessings, but will try, and will pay it forward as well. Hopefully I can get online and post more with pictures tomorrow!

ETA: Pictures added Nov 2009

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