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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

So exhausted... but here is a Wednesday Update

Day 13 coming to a close. I miss my bed. I miss getting 'fixed up' for the day. I miss Gabriella strutting the house in her play shoes. I miss her sassy back talk, too. I miss my PJ imitating train noises with his Geotrax. I miss cooking. I miss cleaning (yeah, I said that). I miss being together.

I wanted to post an in depth entry tonight, but I am so beyond tired I just can't do it. So here are the cliffs notes versions....

Basically, we won't be going home this week, but there is talks of it being possible next week. I can't wait to get her home to her brother and her things and her cousins!

We are going to hold off on another MRI to check the clot for about 4-6 weeks or so.... to eliminate putting her under anesthesia more than necessary. We will get a better idea 6-8wks post stroke as to the speed the clot is disappearing. God, let your will be done.

I have been able to get the doctors to wean her off all meds she was on with the exception of her Atenelol (for her heart), Lasix (for her heart, also) and the new blood thinner shot given twice daily- all 3 are our "go-home" drugs. It is so nice to not be giving her all this extra junk all day long when she doesn't need it anymore.

Dr. Alhadheri came by for a visit yesterday, which warmed my heart. Truly, a visit... not eval. He is such a great man. For the heart transplant, it looks like the goal is getting that clot fully broken up before listing her. Possibility it could take several months, so pray pray pray. It was our original specific prayer request that the clot dissolve, not cause any other issues and shock the medical staff by God's healing power! I believe it can happen! Dr. A will have more information after he consults with Loma Linda and finds out their plans.

A new neurologist saw her today who only knew Gabriella based on the numbers and notes... and was beyond impressed by her progress and status less than 2 weeks post stroke when he met her. Made this momma proud of my girl!

Gabriella is severely crushing on the rehab doctor. I can confirm that she has good taste, but it's blatantly obvious she is smitten for him. And I think he thinks its adorable because he eggs her on. That's the same ole Gabriella!

PCH * might* be using her in one of those 'faces of Phoenix Children's' thingies. They want to share her success and her adorable little mug! Can you blame them?!?! Hopefully, more details to follow!

Please say a little side prayer for Gabriella's sleeping. Since her stroke (Left MCA, if I have not specifically mentioned what kind), she has 'brain damage' to a certain extent causing irregularities in the way her brain fires its information. This causes typical emotions to be heightened like tantrums or sadness. It also causes her to have occasional erratic behavior. In play it comes out as aggression. In frustration it comes out in major tantrums. In sadness it comes out as completely shutting down emotionally. But in sleep, it comes out as all 3- in crying, thrashing, agitated sleep interruptions that scare the living daylights out of me. Last night we had 4 episodes of it. Please pray her nerves calm and she can restfully sleep through the night. We have been trying Melatonin to help her fall asleep and keep her sleeping soundly, but it is not working on the 2nd part.

Have I told you all lately how much I appreciate all of you? Good night, and may you feel God's amazing blessings like we have through compassion and love!!!!!

ETA: Pictures added November, 2009
One of the many excellent therapy dogs!

Appetite coming back.

Scrapbooking night

Playroom time

Her favorite therapy toy


comfypjs said...

Daily prayers for God's healing touch for little Gabriella and for God's grace, peace and strength for you,Paul and your entire family.

Andrea Gunnell said...

Dr. Alhadheri is a great doctor! I'm happy to hear he is her cardiologist. We really appreciate all he has done for our family, especially at the beginning with Kyson.
I'll pray that you will be able to take her home soon. Many times just being home is the best therapy this is.

Juanita said...

Thank you for the update I know you are exhausted,but it helps us to have a focus of prayer when we know the specifics of her needs. I pray for G everyday and night and will continue until she has a new heart and can be the back to her self G you miss.

Kate said...

Our family is praying for you daily! God Bless all of you!
Kate in Mesa, AZ

Nicole said...

I read your blog everyday but have never made a comment. Your Gabriella is beautiful, I pray for a quick and full recovery for her. I'm not a doctor or anything, but my dad took melatonin to help him sleep. My mom finally made him stop because he would apparently have very vivid dreams and hit and kick my mom during his sleep (he really was asleep :) ). Good luck with everything!