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Thursday, October 1, 2009

Thursday - Rehab - Progress

Last night we had our talk with Gabriella, about today being a new day and how it was okay to smile.

Today we woke up. A new day. Gabriella has been amazing today. So much progress. So much hope. So many smiles.

The morning started with the normal nurse evaluation. Nurse Michael asked Gabriella to see if she could lift her arm. I expected the normal reaction, a little shoulder motion and we follow it with encouragement and praise. But this time was so different. Gabriella lifted her arm clear off the bed! She used her shoulder and bicep muscles and lifted the 'lazy arm' right up! PRAISE BE TO GOD!!!!!!! The look on her face was priceless, and you could tell she BELIEVED it was a new day!

We started the therapy day with music therapy. A super amazing guy came in and played the guitar for Gabriella. She really enjoyed the sound and was starting to break the wall she built. I asked her if she liked the music and she nodded. He brought in multiple instruments for her to play and she really enjoyed them!

We followed it with Occupational Therapy. Gabriella sat on a big platform with Miss Cindy and knocked little toys off with her now 'not-so-lazy' arm!! Our newest doggy friend came in and she played catch with a ball with him. She was all smiles with him! He helped us outside in her wheelchair, as Gabriella held his leash. I can't even tell you how great I even felt to get her outside.


We came back in for speech therapy. They got her some soft foods to try, but she really wanted no part of the therapy. We attempted Physical therapy too and she did pretty for a little while. It was time then for a nap, so we came to the room to rest. Though she didn't sleep, she relaxed for a while!


The nutritionist came in and suggested a new NG tube, which I politely declined. I didn't feel we had really worked on eating yet, especially today when she is in better spirits. She ordered nutritional drinks and was a bit unsatisfied with our unwillingness to do another NG. But I am not allowing her to go backward if I have the power, and until it puts her nutritionally at risk, I will not give in.

To offset the NG news, the hematologist came in and said the full workup of blood they did on Gabriella came back. They were searching for ANY other possible reason for the clot besides her heart, i.e. clotting disorders or blood issues. It came back completely clear!!! Which means, once we get past this, get her a new heart and recover from that, Gabriella won't be at risk anymore! No worries of another stroke. No worries of a heart attack or failure. Just a normal little girl starting Kindergarten or 1st grade and dancing her little butt off. I can't help but smile at that great news!

She also took a break to play some Bejeweled on my phone.... sassy diva. :)

We went back for some more speech therapy and she did AMAZING! She is making 'MMM' and 'Ahhhh' sounds. They explained that her brain and telling her to speak, but there is something interrupting the connection to her mouth. She can mimic the expression needed and the coordination needed for the sound to come with it is delayed. She did say however, Gabriella's ability to use the movement and noise together after a few tries is a great sign! She put her "mmm" and "ahhh" together and it sounded so much like 'mom' I could hardly contain myself! The other part of speech that was awesome was she FINALLY ate! Some macaroni and cheese and applesauce! Praise God!

We did some more OT and PT also, and she is gaining strength in her arm as the day goes on! I can only attempt to guess she will be using it in mass amounts a week from today!!!!!!!

Tonight, she had daddy hard at work making beaded bracelets for everyone. She hasn't slept hardly at all.... only enough to rest her body between therapies. We are going to start utilizing the playroom and craft times, also, when we can get used to this schedule.

I am so excited for today's progress.... we have a roommate and she is a precious little girl. Gabriella has already given her a flower for her bed and a bracelet, my little giver. We got out her LAST IV line and she is proud to show it's all gone. HER meds are dwindling down, and her spirits are rising. I only thank God and the amazing abilities he put in the people we met today that helped give her hope.


April said...

This just makes my heart SO SO incredibly happy! There is NO doubt in my mind that the prayers of so many people are being heard! Praise God!! Please Tell Princess G that Auntie April, Uncle Chris Cydney, Lilly and Bella love her VERY much and are SO SO SO proud of her!!!! We love you guys!!!!!!

Megan@SortaCrunchy said...

Praise God, praise God, praise GOD! Amazing news. I am so thrilled, Kristi!!

Kristen said...

OMG! I am so beyond thrilled!!!! God is so good! Everyone needs to keep those prayers coming and Gabriella will be 100% in no time. She is the most amazing little fighter and I had no doubt bring the diva that she is!

Tasha said...

Wooooo! Praise God! She is doing WONDERFUL! Soon she'll be beating some bongo drums with BOTH arms while the music therapist plays his guitar. :)

Nichole said...

Thank you so much for updating, Kristi! I'm so happy to read today's good news! I am constantly thinking about G, I hope she keeps her spirits up, and stays her feisty little self. Lots of hugs to you, I can't imagine how hard this is. Many prayers, positive thoughts, and heal quick vibes coming your way!!!!!

Juanita said...

kristi , I am so happy to hear of G's progress. I too am smiling as I read your blog. Thank you for sharing and I have to thank the Lord for answering our prayers so quickly. The pictures are great keep up the faith and the blog we do appreciate the time you take to write as if you have nothing else to keep you busy.

Unknown said...

Hi Kristi,
Chris and I wanted you to know we are praying everyday for your beautiful daughter. When we left AZ two years ago, Gabby was just a little toddler. I remember how sweet, beautiful, and smart she was. It breaks my heart to see her in pain, Kristi. I am glad today was a good day for her! I'm sure there will be plenty more of those to come. We are here for you Kristi and for Paul, too.
With love,
Susie and Chris White

Anonymous said...

Praise God!

Prayers ARE answered and we shall continue ours until precious Gabriella is home, healthy, happy and dancing her little butt off!

Love and prayers from Oregon.

Corey~living and loving said...

oh Kristi....I am so happy right now. I prayed soooooooooo hard last night for Gabriella to find her will to fight, and I'm so very glad she had such a wonderful day.

tears of joy.....tears of joy!

Nurse Becky said...

I am so excited for the progress she is making! Thank you Lord! It was an incredible honor to care for Gabriella this past week. You are an amazing family. Thank you for allowing me to share in the tears and laughs while in the PICU. I will never forget watching you put the sanitizing foam all over yourself Kristi :) I am praying for you all and will come by next time I work. Love, Nurse Becky :)

Unknown said...

Praise God for all of her improvements and all of his answered prayers! My daughter never forgets to pray for Gabriella, they both sound so similiar in personality! We will continue to pray and are so encouraged that God isusing Gabriella and your family to reach others. You are all an incredible blessing and your Faith is an example to me and my family!

jojomama23 said...

Praise God! I continue to pray for Gabriella and your family every day.

Heather Hilton said...


I know that you don't know me, but I'm going to keep commenting because I know that if I were in your shoes I would need all the support I could get.

I am again moved to tears tonight as I read what MIRACULOUS work the Lord is doing with Gabriella. She is a true testament to what our Father can do. And what a strong spirit she has!

You and Gabriella and your family and all the care provides involved will continue to be in my prayers.

Tonight I looked up my local RMH to see how I can donate or volunteer. Thanks for that suggestion. I would love to help other families like yours. No parent should have to watch their child suffer.

Blessings, prayers, and praise,
Heather Hilton
Austin, TX

Chip Denief said...

Truly amazing news!

Our men's Bible study group prayed for Gabriella last night (Thurs night) and our entire congregation continues to pray daily.

Celebrate each day!

Chip Denief
Union City Christian Church
Richmond, KY

Brenda said...

What wonderful news! The Lord is good!
We will continue to pray.
Brenda Barone
Pittsburgh, PA

Unknown said...

Good News!! Forward Progress mamma thats what we are looking for. I will continue to keep you in my thoughts and prayers! BIG HUGS AND KISSES!! xoxoxoxoxoxo H.T.

Deborah W said...

Just wondering . . . has Gabriella tried singing? My son suffered a traumatic brain injury at 22 years old and it affected the area of the brain that controls speech. He had to learn to speak all over again. But, his speech therapist told us that a different area of the brain controls singing. From the start he could SING, but not talk, and then talking followed soon after. He's totally fine now.

Best wished to Gabriella; she is in our prayers!


Brittany Marie Trevino said...

Every little good moment of progress is absolutely wonderful! thanks be to God and all the good people who are helping your little girl get better. Hugs to Gabriella!

Emma Grossmith said...

I'm a friend of Suzy's and wanted to say that I'm so glad things are looking up. As a child, Gabriella will recover extremely well from this type of episode. My father in law had a stroke ten years ago, and as an adult, his prognosis was not half as bright as it would have been if he had been a child. Despite being in his sixties however, many years later he is still making huge leaps and improvements. The brain is completely amazing. How much better then to have a child's incredible healing powers! All will be well. I have and will continue to keep you and she in my thoughts and prayers. God bless you all. said...

I am so Happy to hear that your little girl is doing so well... My family and i are constently praying for her.. we have yet to meet but im Pauls cousin.. I also ordered about 7 pray for gabriella bands on monday and havent recieved them. do you know about how long it takes? Love you all!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey, Kristi, it's Niki. I read your updates anytime April sends out a bulletin and I am often in tears by the end of them. Today they were happy tears. G is making amazing strides! What a wonderful day!

Cheri said...

Im so excited to hear this! That Princess G is one amazing girl! Praise God!
Lots of prayers still coming for a full and fast recovery!

Anonymous said...

Wow Kristi, that's awesome!!! Praise God! Glad to hear the amazing news. Keep fighting and rejoicing, God is good. We're continually praying for you guys :)


T and J's mom said...

Kristi you definitely have a little fighter there. Gabriella has been in our prayers and everyday Tyler asks about her. We are so thrilled to hear of the accomplishments she has made and pray for many more to come.

Colleen, Tyler, and Jordan

Jo Beaufoix said...

Hi Kristi

Visiting from Corey's and just wanted to pass on prayers and good wishes for you, your family and your beautiful little girl. Jo