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Friday, March 19, 2010

March 17 thru 19

From SoCal Mar 17 thru 19

Our first 3 days have been nice! Wednesday Gabriella and I drove into SoCal. It ended up being the most boring drive in history for me! Gabriella was so into her movies that she ignored me for 6 hours. I was only called on when she needed a snack or drink or potty stop! We made such good timing we stopped at the Cabazon Outlets, which I was severely disappointed in! Arizona Mills Outlets back home are way better.... we made it into Anaheim around 5p and got settled into my friends hotel room. We were lucky enough to stay overnight with my bestie from Sacramento as she was in Anaheim with her family for the week! We had dinner in Disney (thats part of the luxury of having passes!) and rode one ride before heading back to get to bed.

Thursday morning Gabriella and I got up super early to drove back to Loma Linda for her monthly clinic appointment. It is about 45 miles from Anaheim back towards the east, but we made good timing for it being Southern California at 8am! Clinic went well! Gabriella lost a small bit of weight, but they aren't too worried. I was happy, because stopping her appetite stimulant last month really got me worried! She also grew almost a whole INCH! I couldn't believe my eyes! They were very happy with her status for now, and sent us on our way! The scary part for me is thats how the appointment was the day before her stroke. She was doing super well, then BAM! But, I have faith she will be fine. We then went to the grocery store and loaded up on some meals and goodies before checking into our hotel. We got check in and settled in before meeting back up with Bestie and her family for dinner and some more evening Disney time. Gabriella crashed SO hard Thursday night that she didn't wake when I carried her to our room and changed her! Poor kid.... lol.

Friday morning we slept a bit before heading out. We planned to go to the Aquarium of the Pacific in Long Beach. OH MY GOODNESS! I have never driven through Long Beach before, and it was SO nice (and yes, I DO know about the not so nice areas too... lol). We spent the whole day at the aquarium, and maybe a whole hour of that petting bat rays and sharks. Gabriella, I tell ya.... no fear! We headed back and got to our hotel by about 6pm and spent the evening there having dinner and Skype'ing with daddy and PJ, Gammy, Nina and cousins Marko and Jordan, and Aunt Kara!

Having such a busy schedule will help our days go by for the time we have to be here waiting. We are going to visit some family not too far away, spend some beach time, explore some more areas of the city and of course ride a few Disney rides! It is so hard though doing these things because it makes me miss Daddy and PJ SOOOOO much! BUT I figure I either do lots of stuff with Gabriella and miss them, or sit here bored and miss them!

Here are some pics from the first few days! You can either watch the slideshop, or click on the "SoCal Mar 17 thru 19" words on the image...


The Simmons Family said...

I'm glad you are having fun!! It makes the time go by and keeps you out of a boring ol' hotel room. I did the same thing with Owen at Stanford and plan to do it while we're waiting for his heart. It's a blessing that you get so much one on one time with her, even if you do miss PJ and the hubs.

I read Mason's blog the other day and just realized that both Gabriella and Mason are both A+ blood type and listed in the same region. I can't wait until they both get their PERFECT hearts!!

Brittany Marie Trevino said...

That's great that you and Gabriella are sight-seeing and staying busy to pass the fun to be in cali! :)

danielle said...

You ladies look like you are having a great time! The pictures are gorgeous!