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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Another year cooler...

I told my neice I was one year cooler and one year smarter. She questioned the smarter part. I'm SO glad she didn't question the cooler part.... ;)

When I turned 27, I threw this big hissyfit. I had a "hard time" with 27 and wasn't all that thrilled about my birthday. I was also anticipating Gabriella's heart cath, which was done April 24 last year. On my birthday last year, Gabriella was not yet diagnosed. She was 'healthy'.

Before I turned 27 last year, I thought I had problems. I thought I had stress. I thought complaining was the way to cope. I knew God, but relied on my own path and plan in life.

Today, I turn 28. There has never been a birthday where I feel I actually GREW up in the previous year than this. I have learned so much about life in a way I don't think I could have ever learned given our journey with Gabriella's heart didn't happen. I learned so much about myself. I faced and OVERCAME so many demons and issues within me. I found a deeper and more passionate relationship with God. Those 3 things I learned alone changed my life. It changed my marriage, motherhood, my relationships and friendships. It changed everything from the way I pray to the way I spend money. It changed my opinions on people and diversity and life. It changed the way I 'stress' over issues and is a reminder that complaining serves no purpose.

So, today I am celebrating another year of life. I am praising God for another year HE has given me, and another year to learn more. I am praising Him for another year with my kids, and being allowed to care for Gabriella.

So for your entertainment, here are some pictures of me as a wee little toehead!
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