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Monday, April 19, 2010

Fabric fundraising

I have mentioned in the distant past my little business, MaggieMoo Designs. I used to make nursing covers, burp cloths, diaper bags, etc etc etc. I had to slow down the process when Gabriella was diagnosed and things came to a screeching halt last summer when we started transplant testing. I have a few things in my shop because they just haven't sold yet, but other than that, I am only really making custom Tutu's now because they do not require a big sewing setup for me. I loved making my momma and baby things! I did shows and sold to places all over the world! I am excited to pick it up again one day.

SINCE I had to quit my sewing business, I was faced with the harsh reality of how much excess fabric I had! I have one bin of prints I wanted to keep for the future, but have been selling more of the fabric online. I've sold almost 80 pieces so far! I just posted the balance of what I have to sell and listed it all on my destash shop. All of the funds raised from selling my fabric goes into Gabriella's medical PayPal account... so it is somewhat of a fundraiser I guess!

SO, my point.... if you use fabric or know anyone who does, please check out my destash shop! I think the coolest is if I can sell it ALL before we get the heart call! So spread the word, and help me get rid of all of this fabric!

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