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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Sparkly heart update #13

Gabriella has a great night. I got to stay with her so the first time she woke in a panic but the rest of the time she was okay knowing I was there.

She's so stable. You guys, your prayers are working. They are strong and creating such protection over her. God hears you. Please keep them coming!

Gabriella and her heart are in what I decided are the bonding stages. She is getting used to it and the way it feels to beat different and her body to feel different. And the heart is getting used to knowing Gabriellas little frame. They have begun this process with such grace and I pray they always love eachother!

They stood Gabriella at about 530a to get her weight. We changed out her bedding and pants and got her settled back in... OXYGEN FREE!! Today lines will start to be pulled, slowly. And she will get up and walk and eat. She doesn't know it yet though... Lol. It will be a pivotal day for Gabriella!

Especially with her becomin mobile, we are being very cautious with germs. Her immunity is down due to the medications and we are keeping clean for her!

We continue to give God all the praise and glory He deserves. He has led everyone to do what's right for Gabriella and her sparkly heart and we are so thankful!
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