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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Sparkly heart update #12

Yeah, that's Gabriella sitting up!

Major strides today without much to update. She has slept most of the day and they have been weaning some meds and balancing others. They are watching her closely to ensure she is on the proper balance of things.

Prayer requests for the coming days... The steroid she is on can cause her blood sugars to be high. She was running high this morning but leveled out later. If they stay high she will be treated short term with insulin. Also, that she be protected from med allergies. She had a hive reaction to the IVIG but they were able to conquer it with some benadryl. And finally pray for her spirits. She is giving me smiles and I want to keep those coming!

They told me today that her heart rate dipped in the OR, which is why she has a pacer inserted to regulate her heart rate if it happened again. It hasn't and she's doing well! Hopefully tomorrow we get a few lines pulled and can get her walking.

The prayers and love have been amazing. And I have had Gabriellas donor family on my heart in a strong way. Everytime I see the heart beating in Gabriella, I feel blessed. I have so much more to blog about that but the emotions are just too tender.
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