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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

The eventful month of June

June has been exciting... a new heart gives new energy! But our caution with her immune system being almost nonexistent restricts how much we can use all her new energy. The good news is we will slowly start to build a little of it back at 3 months post-transplant, but it will never be a full defense system again so right now we are using her sensitive state to practice good habits for the future!

I always post about our multiple doctors visits per week, but here is some insight on our OTHER days!

We spend most evenings outside. This SoCal weather right now is amazing! Daytimes are around 90 and evenings in the 60's as summer begins to show. .....(Yeah, yeah, please spare me the whole lesson about how it gets hot and humid here. I know, but I'm an Illinois girl and I KNOW my humidity! In Arizona right now it is about 110-112. Yeah, dry heat, but I have lived in AZ for 11 years and it really doesn't make it much easier than the humid heat we had in the MidWest. Something about your milky white skin sizzling when you walk to the car beats out thick and wet anyday)..... The relief in the evenings is something we NEVER get in Arizona from pretty much May thru October. SO we are taking advantage of that. We walk around the neighborhood, run around the campus of LLU, or just let the kids run amok in the driveway!

On June 10, we ventured out to Redlands Market Night. They shut down a 1-2mi long stretch of State Street right down old town Redlands and have vendors set up selling from flowers and lotions to fresh and organic fruits and veggies every Thursday night. I am a Farmers Market prude these days and won't buy my produce from the grocery store, so I am in heaven in Redlands! This was one of Gabriella's first outings, and we survived. I use survived loosely because we were honestly all over the place avoiding people... lol.

(Gabriella DID wear a mask but I let her remove it to eat and we just pulled off to the side away from people.... lol)

A week later we had family come and visit! Pauls sister and her brood came for an afternoon on their "tour de California" summer trip. When they left, his brother and Aunt & Uncle came for an overnighter. It was nice to see family, made that lonely feeling fade for a little bit. And the best part was seeing my 2 neices, 2 nephews and great-nephew!!!!!!!!!!! OH MAN I miss all my neices and nephews back home....

Gabriella and PJ with my Godson Marko

On Fathers Day we went for a drive up to Oak Glen, which turns out is 5k feet elevation, 10-15 degrees cooler and APPLE COUNTRY! We had a great time checking out little parks and shops and enjoying the scenery. We also indulged in a little dessert before heading home for dinner.

We got braver as the month went on, and with encouragement to explore, we utilized our Family Pass to the Aquarium of the Pacific in Long Beach. Not only was it a big deal for us to drive that far, but it was a "public" area. I do have to say, we did an excellent job keeping Gabriella clean and contained and keeping sanitizer companies in business.

We went with Paul as he worked out of the Anaheim branch of his company for a day and we people watched that evening before heading home. We sat at one of our favorite places, Downtown Disney, as much as it was torturous for us to not go into Disneyland. We found a little bench off to the side, listened to some music and the kids got to enjoy some "normal" surroundings. (yeah, our Disney addiction is THAT bad that Disneyland is "normal"). On our people spotting adventures, we saw Nicholas Cage!

I think about everything we did over the course of a month and it seems like nothing. We have always been "busy bodies" and have something going on at all times, so these couple outings is like a typical week for us! The doctor kept encouraging me to get out and do things with her to keep her from severe boredom, so I did. And in reality, this was a TON given the caution we need to put on her exposure. And when you factor in hospital visits 2-3 times a week and typical errands I have to run in shifts when Paul isn't working to watch the kids, I almost feel we did too much! Trying to find a balance in my neurotic tendencies I have developed since her transplant and real life was not on the discharge paperwork..... lol.

Here is the full June album with all of the pictures. Only a few of the best ones are posted here on the blog. Enjoy!!! :)

June 2010

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