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Monday, June 28, 2010

Beautiful Butterfly

Soon after we got settled into our California home and I caught up on some friends blogs, I noticed my friend Amy's pictures of caterpillars turned butterflies she did with her little ones. I was so excited, I ordered some for Gabriella & PJ! On June 3 we got our newborn caterpillars.

We had so much fun watching them grow!

On June 12, they started their process of hanging upside down.

And by June 14 they were fully cocooned....

They all emerged on Fathers Day, and this Sunday, June 27, we decided it was time to let them fly.

We let them go one at a time. This one stayed close by...

And this one flew super far....

The 3rd flew so fast.... I think he was sick of us.

Our last 2 were.... "busy".... and we couldn't interrupt them to let them go. SO we decided to take some close up pictures of their amazing wings and let them go later.

Little does Gabriella realize, but she is much like these little butterflies. Transforming through something so amazing that only God could have created the ability for it to happen. An internal transformation that gives her a new form of life. No longer slowly creeping by, but spreading her wings and enjoying the open air.

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