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Saturday, October 30, 2010

100 to 0

Our last few weeks in SoCal were emotionally draining on me. It was complicated. On one hand, you had to drag me, kicking and screaming from California. I LOVED living there, loved the hospital and our transplant team, loved and felt comfort being around all the heart families and friends I made, loved the church and friends we were blessed to be part of, adored being in such an amazing state with SO much to offer my young and (now) active family. On the other hand, I was eager to get home to my place and my stuff, so see my nieces and nephews (and other family of course, lol), to go to some of my favorite spots they didn't have in SoCal, to reconnect with our medical and therapy teams here. It was inevitable, we had to go home, but it was still hard in a way I couldn't explain. Most people who are away from home can't wait to get back right? But it was easy to love where we were.

We spent the last few weeks soaking in everything. We did all of our favorite things, went to our favorite spots and was able to hang out with everyone and spend some time making memories. Anyone that knows US would expect us to squeez Disneyland in.... a few times.... before we went. Gabriella's annual pass expired 9/23 so after our trip on PJ's birthday, we went 2 more times, just to really get our fix in before we left. I can't figure out if that made it better or worse, because being so close we were able to go whenever we wanted and we became used to the accessibility of it. But it also left us with a strong craving that Paul and I cannot tame now over a month being home. Everywhere we go we find a way to unknowingly Disneyfi it... yes, that is what you call an addict!

Halloweentime is my FAVORITE time at Disneyland. After over a decade of trying to pick Christmas or Halloween, I decided a few years back that Halloween was it. So we were lucky enough to enjoy some of that on our last couple days in the park!

Once we were home, it seemed like a balloon deflated. We went from 100mph to 0 in no time flat! I am sure some of it is due to my lingering temper tantrum and super insane appointment schedule, but I just keep thinking there is nothing to do in Arizona compared to California! Thank GOODNESS for some awesome friends and family who I have been hanging out with that help me remember I am so blessed to be near them!

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