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Friday, October 29, 2010

Our friends at Restoration Church....

I know of people who search and search to find a home church. We are lucky enough to have multiple places of worship that we consider family. The bottom line is finding your own personal relationship with God, and we seem to find our relationship with God in the hearts of people and through the relationships we build with our brothers and sisters at all different churches in different places.

While in California, we had a friend here in Arizona (the worship pastor at Cornerstone Chandler) call his brother in Redlands, CA and warn him we were there and in need of a church family while in SoCal. Soon after Gabriella was released from the hospital, the pastor of Restoration Covenant Church, his wife, the worship leader and some awesome friends came over welcomed us into their lives. Over the following months as temporary residents, we built lifelong friendships with people from this church, and even got to speak one Sunday. And when I say church, I say it in a context that is completely opposite of what you have known your whole life. This was having your super awesome close friend lead you in the word. This was having a small band of 4 blow the roof off of an atrium style glass room' almost literally. This was people reaching out and not only helping each other but striving to wrap their arms around their community because their hearts are so driven to be like Jesus. This was a group who spent all morning at church together, only to spend all afternoon in the park together just hanging out.... the Sabbath. This was sharing common interests, kids growing up together like cousins, taco night, and pure genuine love.

We love our family at Restoration, and cannot wait to visit back on our return to Loma Linda soon. And if you are EVER in the Inland Empire and want to hang with an AWESOME group of people, check out

Anyways, my point. Here are some pictures I wanted to share from Restoration!

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