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Friday, May 28, 2010

Transplant story in pictures

May 17 to May 25.... here are pictures from Gabriella's transplant process (no, no surgery pics included)! Click on the album below to view them all!


But I will post one here.... isn't this breathtaking? View from the jet before we landed....

From Transplant


The Mason Family said...

Love, love, love ALL the pictures! I'm sure that Gabriella will treasure them!

Callie said...

What an amazing and inspiring journey. Your daughter looks strong and radiant. My 3 month old son underwent open heart surgery at 11 days old for a congenital heart defect so I have tremendous respect for what these amazing heart surgeons and nurses can do as well as the strength and resilience of children. I will continue to pray for Gabriella and your family and follow her story.

LeAnna said...

Thank you for sharing your amazing journey with us!! Just an amazing, beautiful little girl you have!! Had a hard time keeping the tears in while I watched your pictures flash on the screen. I have no idea how you have been so strong. Our prayers are with you still!


I've prayed for Gabriella for months, but have never posted. Your pictures bring tears to my eyes... how Great is our God that has held her hand through this amazing journey!!

Unknown said...

Wonderful, telling photos of a beautiful little girl during her amazing, miraculous journey. Hugs, prayers and peace to all of you.

Mommy said...

She is an Angel! She looks amazing! I am SO SO SO happy to hear it all went well and that she is recovering perfectly!

God bless her and keep her strong and healthy for a very long time now! Her turn to have fun and play and be a little girl !

You are strong parents to go through all you have done with your child. I admire you both greatly. It had to have been the longest, most difficult journey to put a family through!

Good luck and may this summer be filled with laughter, sunshine, toys, and lots of love!

Ellen Seidman said...

Hello, Kristie. I am so glad to meet you, and so thrilled to hear Gabriella is doing well. It is, indeed, miraculous. I stand in awe!!! She is so beautiful. I can't even imagine all that you have endured. I write a blog for parents of kids with special needs, and I had a giveaway the other week for a hand-made crown or cape. A nice woman named Susan is one of the winners, she entered it for Gabriella! We are going to make Gabriella a pink crown, sounds good? Here's the giveaway and the link to the site of the talented mom who makes the crowns (she does this to pay for her child's therapy):

Anonymous said...

OMG Kristi and family-those pictures and videos made me cry! Tears of joy and just to imagine what you have all gone through. WAY TO GO!! And Bless the Lord! My kids are sitting here watching with me, and Adi took a liking to her same-age cabroncita :) We love her!! God bless you all!!

Katie, Alejandro, Adriana and AnaLucia Adan, Buffalo, MN

Unknown said...

Princess G looks so wonderful!!! She is amazingly strong....she gets that from her parents! You guys are really amazing. May the Lord continue to give you all strength & good health. We can't wait to see you all & to get the girls together to play. I know it will be a long while, but we look forward for that day to happen.
God bless & if there is anything we can do for you, let us know. You're home is on my way home so I can always stop & check in on it if you need me to.
Hugs & kisses to Gabriella from Ris & me :-)