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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Impatient Momma

Can you believe we are still waiting on biopsy results from yesterday??

For the medically savvy: Last nights r-ATG treatment went well with little reaction. Today they decided to start another medication called Epinephrine for her heart function, since cardiology was surprised at the more critical status her cath showed. Along with the Milrinone, steroid, fluids & lasix. We are trying to combat her heart failure while also attacking her rejection.

They just finished placing a PICC line and will remove her IV leaving just the PICC in her arm and plasmapharesis cath in her neck. I had a minor freak out session because it seems we are placing a lot of ports with no sure direction, but after talking to the docs I'm better understanding of it. Goes with my theory that if you don't feel right make them convince you. It was the first PICC I stayed in for but it went well.

She's peeing more and we are watching her renal system for kidney function to make sure that doesn't give out on us.

Once we get these biopsy results back we will decide whether we move forward with plasmapharesis or r-ATG (thymo). Whatever it is, I wanna know now. Time is ticking and doctors are anxious.

Gabriella is very tired and sad. She keeps asking me why she has to do scary stuff. PJ went to Bible Camp today and she was sad she couldn't go. This is so hard on her 6 year old little spirit, but her willpower & stubbornness is still in tack! Even after 3 doses of light sedative, she was still telling the PICC team what to do.

Who else gets to hang with a warrior today? I know I do. I love that girl.
Kristi Vega <3
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