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Monday, June 13, 2011


So we are changing our course of treatment. After Loma Linda heard about the results of the cath, which showed extremely high pressures and a stiffened heart, they decided an aggressive treatment was necessary. They will be starting Thymoglobulin, what was given immediately after transplant to completely wipe her system. Whatever is going on with her heart needs to be tackled quickly because of the speed of her decline. Thymo has a lot of risks but in light of what's going on, they are risks that need to be taken. It will run slow and we will take it day by day, watching for progress and side effects. Tomorrow we will also get the results of e biopsy and decide if we are on the right path or if something more effective comes to lig with the results.

(edited to add: the r-ATG, which is the kind of Thymo Gabriella is getting is made from rabbits. r-ATG is made by injecting rabbits with white blood cells. The rabbit's immune system makes antibodies to destroy the foreign white cells. The antibodies are collected and purified to make r-ATG. Fun fact for the evening.)

Gabriella is struggling with the sedatives, and we had to further sedate her to keep her calm. It is very hard when she wakes because she cries that she is done and wants to go home. The intensivist has stopped rounds for tonight on the floor to get Gabriella taken care of, her transplant coordinators from here and Loma Linda have been calling me faithfully and everyone is working hard on tackling this rejection.

I just ask that you all pray for clear communication between all doctors involved, strength in Gabriellas body to keep pushing and full restoration of her heart function.
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